Work in progress...

Body Field

The body field is an interconnecting, complex network of fields that work together to affect the normal functions of the physical form. In this body of work I am exploring the energy and biochemistry that make up the structure and how energy fields might affect health and disease.


Scientists observe the universe by measuring, theorizing and possibly controlling it. The philosopher wants to understand the universe, to linger over phenomena, logically searching for the meaning of being and knowledge. By contrast, the artist is not interested in explaining, understanding or controlling the universe, instead preferring to experience the extraordinary mysteries and trying to create one's own.

Realm of Infinite Possibilities

The realm of infinite possibilities is the realm that quantum physics has been showing us that there are infinite dimensions and the infinite is expanding. The many worlds interpretation (MWI) theorizes that at the quantum level everything that could happen does happen, and that each possible outcome branches the universe into another which is at first identical aside from the alternative outcome. In 2005, I was diagnosed with "incurable" follicular lymphoma. After failing many rounds of chemo, radioimmunitherapy, and a stem cell transplant, my chances for survival after going through a second salvage stem cell transplant was not certain. In fact, one of my doctors told me that my survival was living proof that there is a God. Quantum mechanics also has an explanation. It could be that I was in one of the branched universes where miraculous survival is possible. If the many worlds interpretation is true, there will always be one branch where miraculous survival scenario is realized and that version of me will not die. In this body of work, I chose this technique to illustrate simultaneously occurring parallel universes within myself.

Theory of Everything

Initially the term theory of everything was used as an ironic connotation to fully explain and unify all known physical phenomena of all particles of nature including quantum mechanics. Through my physical hardship with a near death experience, I was left with the irony of not knowing how to describe what I had experienced and then stumbling upon a theory that simplifies and explains it all. In this body of work, the tunnel represents this journey to an otherworldly dimension.

The White Room

In order to survive my Lymphoma diagnosis, I realized that I needed to make major lifestyle changes and create a new identity for myself. I think of the white room as a conceptual white canvas where I can go to create a new reality for myself without boundaries. In this project, I tried to capture the various stages of my mind, body & spirit during this journey. In the end I imagined and envisioned a successful outcome which became a reality as I am now in complete remission.


This work illuminates the environmental problems we encounter on earth and how a single person can make a difference even with an overwhelming problem. Collectively, I think we owe it to ourselves to at least try. The whimsy in my work is there to remind us how we are only human in our efforts when attempting such a monumental task.


is a transmutation of a seemingly miraculous change of something of little worth into something better. Imagine transforming dark polluted clouds into clean white ones with a contraption capable of cleaning the environment. After I was diagnosed with lymphoma (from which I am now in complete remission), I did research on the disease and found that there was uncertainty about the causes of the disease; however, there is some research that suggests environmental pollutants, chemicals, that may contribute. I see the body as a microcosm of the earth: a sick body and a sick earth both in need of healing.


The issue of mortality/immortality has been a thread that runs throughout my work.

I have always been interested in human anatomy because it is an attempt to figure out what is beneath the surface of the skin: I am interested in probing beyond surface experience.

With the projection work, I am projecting the interior onto the exterior with the intention of inverting and confounding insides and outsides. Combining dichotomies, a double take creates a third-take or whole. I am interested in unifying the polarities of inner/outer realities, life/death, mortality/immortality, mind/body, body/spirit.

I am looking at scientific representation and how it is imposed upon the body. We demand some sense of order in the world. And we are always defeated. This is the human condition. Scientific/technological progress particularly since the late 19th century has reinforced the schism between the concrete and the intangible, privileging physical absolutes and human authority over spiritual considerations.


My focus lies in a place that is a step removed from the material world. This body of work deals with spiritual explorations based upon mythological archetypes and elements of human alchemy throughout the ages. Much of the work comes from dream imagery. I feel that dreaming is perceiving more than what we believe is possible to perceive.